Indict the U​S in the UN for systemic racial discrimination & killing African-Americans!

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Indict the Trump Administration & the U.S. government in the United Nations for systemic racial discrimination & killing African-Americans                 

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The U.S. government has demonstrated that it is unwilling and unable to protect African-Americans from deadly police violence and violent white extremism nor deliver justice when we are viciously massacred. George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery were murdered by deadly police violence and violent white extremist vigilantism, respectively. Thousands of African-American men and women, particularly youth, have been mercilessly killed by police and armed white bands. 

America's pathology of violence against Black Americans has created existential threats to Black life and liberty including but not limited to systematic and structural racial discrimination, violent white extremism, extra-judicial killings and deadly police violence and it’s antecedents.

The Trump Administration is encouraging racial division, deadly police violence and white vigilante justice against African-Americans and their allies. The American judiciary has summarily failed to protect black lives and the Congress is largely impotent.

Hence, as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. indicated, it is time to indict the United States at the global level in the United Nations for violating the fundamental human rights of Black Americans.

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