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Vote against the zoning change on Wasatch Blvd. (application #29125)

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There is currently an application to change the zoning on Wasatch Blvd. across from the Olympus Hills shopping center to allow multi-family housing (apartments/condos or hotels) to build structures up to 75' high.  This application was supported unanimously by the community council, and opposed by the two residents present.  There will be a follow-up meeting on this topic on February 11 at 4:00 pm (details below).  As residents in Olympus Cove, we are concerned that this addition will detrimentally change the dynamic of the community we love and have invested in.  If there are apartments built there the influx of children will create undue strain on our excellent schools, as well as lower our property values.  If it is a hotel or motel it would increase traffic on Wasatch Blvd. and the on-ramps/off-ramps, as well as threaten the community feel of the cove.  Regardless of what is built there, a 75' structure will seem out of place and block the valley view many residents enjoy, which will also affect  their property values.  Signing this petition shows opposition to this proposed change in zoning.  When signing, please include your adress (or at least the street you live on) so the council knows you live in the cove.

More details on the proposal and meeting:

A public meeting was held today by the Millcreek Township Planning Commission to discuss a zoning change at 3842-4076 south Wasatch Blvd. from R-1-8 Single-Family Residential to R-M Multi-Family Residential. The applicant (Brigham Mellor on behalf of UDOT) does not have a set plan for what is to be built but expressed interest in a hotel. Both the East Millcreek and the Olympus Cove community councils heard his presentation at recent meetings and he reported that the Olympus Cove community council was unanimously for the zoning change as well as many other people he has spoken to. Only 2 Olympus Cove residents were present and both were against. After listening to all parties involved, the Planning Commission agreed that they would not make a decision today and would discuss this further at the next meeting. Ultimately, they were uncomfortable that there is no set purpose/solid reason for the zoning change and they were uncomfortable with the 75 ft. height allowance and felt like a structure of that size would be out of place in our area (they stated that most developers do push for the maximum allowance when submitting plans). The Planning Commission also hoped that the extra time would allow for more residents of the Olympus Cove to express their desire, whether for or against. If anyone would like to attend the next meeting it is scheduled for February 11 at 4:00, Council Chambers room #N1100 North building, 2001 s. State Street. Or email Spencer Brimley from planning and development services at cc: Brigham Mellor at and council representative Jeff Silvestrini at If emailing please refer to application #29125.

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