Save Lake Pillsbury

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This petition is to save Lake Pillsbury from removal and to gain votes against decommissioning of Scott Dam.  Its removal would negatively impact a large portion of the Northern California area. Many farmlands, communities and wildlife have become dependant on this water system and the removal of Scott Dam will have severe ramifications that would harm the communities and ecosystem that rely on this Lake, not only for the communities and businesses above the Dam but the thousands of people and agriculture below. A large portion of these waterways have very little research or information about the species that could be affected or possibly perish in these reigons if this dam were to be removed. Scott Dam helps to manage and mitigate the water flows in drought conditions and provides flood control during heavy winters. Without Lake Pillsbury and Scott Dam the river systems that flow from this reservoir could completely dry and have a catastrophic affect on much of the Northern California area. 

By signing this petition, you will be helping to save Lake Pillsbury.