Hold Ray Siplao accountable.

Hold Ray Siplao accountable.

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UPDATE: Since starting this petition, new information has come to light that Ray was possibly lying about where he attended school. If you have any information, please do not hesitate to leave it in your comment when signing the petition. Thank you! )

We the public demand for the expulsion of BCIT and KPU student Ray Siplao in light of the recent allegations for sexually assaulting and harassing multiple underage girls.

Ray Siplao has advanced on many young teenage girls who were easily susceptible to his manipulation. Even so, when they would reject his sexual advances he would continue to persist. He has displayed predatorial behavior on multiple accounts to girls he was more than six years older than.


He has asked girls as young as thirteen for nude photographs while he was already a high school graduate, engaged in the distribution of his own unwelcomed nude photographs, and these are just the stories that we know of.

For those who live in the lower mainland, we should not rest knowing that there is a predator amongst our community not being held liable for his actions.

We demand his expulsion. To continue letting him attend BCIT and KPU as a student is not only a danger to the people he attends school with, but it is also a reflection of the kind of people BCIT and KPU are choosing to represent their school.

Sign this petition and let BCIT and KPU know that Ray Siplao's actions are a reflection of what BCIT and KPU stand for if they choose to continue to let him attend.




Please click the link to take the time to view the stories of survivors who have come forward;