Freedom & Justice For All

Freedom & Justice For All

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Richard Evans started this petition to Governor Mike DeWine

We all thought that we had a fair shot to justice in a country built on trust.

The criminal justice system has never been on our side no matter the circumstances. For the first time in our life's we had no other choice but to put our faith and trust in the system because the truth mattered. 

Richard went to trail to tell his truth. The whole truth. Fighting for his life and justice at the same time was never seen as a challenge until April 15, 2010. On that day we realized that this would be harder than we thought. 

                                     Truth Matters

On sept 26th going into the 27th in the year 2009 my life along with others would change forever. There was an altercation involving several men and women, regardless of the stories told, there was no innocent party on this night in question. Drinking was involved, which most likely clouded the judgement of all parties involved and the stories that were concocted. The truth is, the events of this night had a tragic outcome in more ways than one. Two men would lose everything. One would ultimately lose his life and another would lose everything as well. There were several fights on this early morning leaving the Higgins Station, men and women.

I, Richard Evans, made the decision to defend someone near and dear to me that night, while another group of men most likely felt the same way. If you'd ask me what started all the madness, I couldn't tell you...because I wasn't outside when the chaos started to unfold. I did finally leave the inside of the bar, and upon leaving saw all the chaos. I immediately began to search for my loved one. This search eventually led to me finding him. There was a short exchange of words with another group of men...and then a punch was thrown. This punch was not thrown by me nor my loved one, but it did lead to more punches being thrown. At the end of the exchange of punches a man laid on the ground unconscious. I admit to being the man who threw the single punch rendering this man unconscious. There was no intent to severely harm this man, but due to him hitting his head on the ground, he would suffer an injury and ultimately be placed in a medically induced coma. 

I would later be charged with 2 counts of murder, 2 counts of involuntary manslaughter, 2 counts of felonious assault, and 1 count of having weapon while under disability. I would like to remind you I admittedly threw one single punch on the night in question. 

I would like to make one thing abundantly clear, I never ever meant for a man to lose his life over the senseless events of the night of sept 26\27th 2009. I was shot the following night. Once released from the hospital, I saw myself on the news being accused of being armed and dangerous. I admit I panicked, I've never been accused or convicted of any acts of violence.I didn't know what to think or do so I hid, after being shot. Honestly I was scared. I was caught and eventually faced the fact that I did do something wrong. I was locked up. The police acted and treated me as if I was a heartless and or cold-blooded individual, and that's so far from the truth. 

I've battled the corona virus, and I'm suffering from severe hypertension. I also suffered a bout with a bleeding ulcer and a gastric intestinal tear which required 5 clips to repair. I spent 5 days at OSU Wexner Medical Center. This journey has left me depleted in mind, body, and soul, but it has not depleted my faith. Faith that I will receive relief, and I will have the opportunity to show my true potential and ability to successfully re-enter society, bring positive change not only to my life but others as well and last but not least give back to the community. I look forward to being a part of the change to this world.

I ultimately went to trial and received a sentence 20 years to life. I have been incarcerated for 11 years. I have suffered unaccountable amounts of loss as far as family and friends. I suffer health deterioration, my mental strength has been tested and challenged day in and day out for 11 years, or 132 months, or 3960 days. 

I am seeking relief in the form of a sentence adjustment or modification. I am posting this petition in hopes to acquire signatures in support of this form of relief that I am in search of.  If you have any questions you can connect with me via Jpay or Facebook.


In this particular case the truth didn't matter. The system did what it has always done, failed us.

Although we're not lawyers or judges we know right from wrong, but we also have a general understanding of the different levels of criminal offenses, punishment, and the duration of that particular sentence. 

Is time served?

Mr. Richard Evans has spoken his truth since the beginning and his remorse for the family is constantly weighing on his heart. The entire family and friends stand with Richard and ask that his sentence be commuted.

We the people demand fairness. 

We the people demand equal justice for all.

We the people demand change.

We the people seek & demand commuting the sentence in the case #09CR03184.

To sign and show your support for Richard Evans sentence being commuted follow this link

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!