Stop NSW Govt devastating native vegetation

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Stop NSW Govt devastating native vegetation

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If you care about the land from which our great produce comes - you need to care about this. The Baird Government plans to windback native vegetation clearing controls which means any one on the land can clear any vegetation which they don't need or want on their land.

"So what?" I hear you say.  No native vegetation on farming land means devastating soil deterioration, which means the ever generous earth will be useless for production very, very quickly and the ongoing impacts of that result will reverberate rapidly through your choices of what Australian produce you can buy in your supermarkets and local markets.

Sustainable farmers consciously plant trees and manage their soils to encourage water retention and promote healthy farms. If this land clearing legislation passes it provides open slather for miners, developers and the money hungry to pillage our lands and puts Australia firmly on the path to the sort of agriculture we do not need or want.

This is not just going to be 'our' problem as the ripple down effects will directly affect your children and their children and so on..

Please sign this petition to show you truly care about our land and where your food comes from..

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