Make programs like Microsoft Word recognize the word ABLEISM as an actual word.

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The word ableism means discrimination against people with disabilities in the favor of people who are "able-bodied". Ableism is recognized by the main credible dictionaries available as an actual word. However, when using office programs such as Microsoft Word, ableism is not recognized (there is a red line under the word when typed). Ableism is a form of discrimination, just as racism and sexism are. However, when programs such as Microsoft Word fail to recognize Ableism as a word, its validity and power is undermined.

I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I noticed that ableism was not recognized in Microsoft Word while I was typing up an essay about how leaders sustain hope during struggles. --I was using the example of the Capital Crawl and other disability protests that led up to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.---After I finished my essay, it occurred to me that ableism isn't recognized as a word! 

Ableism is a concept that is novel to many, however the act of ableism has occurred since the beginning of mankind. The first step in ending ableism and achieving equality for people with disabilities is to recognize that there is a word for discrimination against people with disabilities. 

Let's all sign this petition to bring to light the importance of recognizing the word Ableism in programs such as Microsoft Word. This small change, and many changes like it, can work as a catalyst for the major changes needed to achieve inclusion and equality for people with disabilities in our society. 

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