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Make Overwatch Cross-Platform Compatible between Xbox One and PS4 (Not PC)

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Let's make Overwatch cross-platform compatible between the Xbox One and the Playstation

Despite it's wild success, Blizzard's new FPS Overwatch is not cross-platform compatible between the Xbox One and the PS4. This should become the standard for the industry and Overwatch should lead the way.

Not only does it help extend the longevity of the game on both platforms, it allows friends on different platforms to play together. 

In this day and age you should not be limited in your ability to play with other friends based on the console you choose. Consoles are simply becoming a personal preference more than ever, and multiplayer games should reflect that.

With, it should also be especially easy to link up with friends on other platforms. Games like Rocket League have had difficulty in allowing in-game partying up between PS4-Steam and Xbox-Steam, simply because each platforms has different friends lists and different systems. Using friends may circumvent these system problems between Xbox One and PS4.

Naturally, because of the difference in balance, accuracy and play styles, cross-platform compatibility would not be possible between consoles and PC. 

So, to break it down, the advantages are:

  • Longer life for the game on both PS4 and Xbox One. With a larger pool of players, the game will last longer on both platforms, as well as it make easier to find a match as time goes along.
  • Faster matchmaking times. More players mean less time spent in a queue.
  • Team up with your friends. Play Overwatch with your friends who are on a different console. Enough said.
  • and friends can combat issues between the PS4 and Xbox systems working together. This would allow you to party-up with friends on other consoles or systems, which currently can't be done in cross-platform games such as Rocket League
  • More revenue for everyone! The more people that can play with their friends, the more people buy the game and continue to play the game (and buy Loot Boxes). This means more profit for everyone, especially Blizzard. 

Personally, I have many friends who are playing on PS4, but none who are playing on Xbox One like I am. I'm sure this is the case for many others, so let's change this.

Blizzard have already expressed interest on Twitter, now it's time to make this a reality. Please sign this petition to get Microsoft, Sony and Blizzard working together to enable cross-platform play for Overwatch between Xbox One and PS4.



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