Facebook app by FB Inc for Windows 10 Mobile

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We DEFINITELY ask Facebook, Inc for developing a FACEBOOK APP for Windows 10 Mobile.

   This is the voice of all Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile users.

   Since its beginning, Windows Phone NEVER, NEVER had a decent, fully working Facebook app. Although MS always *tried to try* to add features to its app -thanks for your endless patience, MS- .. that's not enough. Not anymore.

   We can NO LONGER stand this frustrating situation. 

   People FLEE, RUN AWAY from Windows Phone because of its *ZERO quality* social experience, can you accept this? Can you stand Windows 10 Mobile's failure because of its "stupid" app-gap? 

   We are here asking for a single, simple thing: a redesigned, complete and brand new FACEBOOK APP for Windows 10 Mobile from FACEBOOK INC. The only one that can develop it as complete as it is in iOS and Android... Not an "universal app" again from Microsoft, that's not a permanent solution - and these years have taught this to you.

   Windows 10 desktop has recently received a completely new Facebook (Beta) app, working great and smoothly, so excited for this! And please, PLEASE!, make us happy and satisfied with out Windows 10 Mobile phones..

   We really thank you. 

   millions of Windows Phone enthusiasts.

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