Bring Back Original Halo 2 with working online multiplayer

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Halo 2 was one of the greatest online multiplayer games of all time. It reinvented the way we play games with our friends, and still holds up as one of the greatest shooters of all time. Unfortunately Microsoft and 343 shut down the original servers, and thus killed one of the greatest gaming experiences ever. Microsoft tried to remedy this with the Master Chief Collection for the Xbox One, but it was rife with issues regarding matchmaking, playlists, and the overall experience has suffered. While 343 continues to try and patch the Master Chief Collection, it will never hold up to the original Xbox experience. We would like Microsoft to release Halo 2 via their Xbox Backwards Compatability program, and revive the original servers so that gamers around the world can relive this amazing gaming experience. Not only would this be a financial boon to Microsoft, allowing them to capitalize on the lack of arena shooters and Halo games on the market right now, but would allow gamers to relive a great moment of their past and connect with Halo fans around the world. We love the Halo franchise, and while a lot of us have misgivings about where the future of the franchise is headed, we have complete faith that Halo can be revived and can reign supreme again as the best online gaming experience. Bringing back the original Halo 2 experience would be a great way to reintroduce Halo to the world.