7 November 2020
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Microfinance Bank of Nigeria and 12 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Better Future Nigeria

The rate at which women are dying in Nigeria is alarming all over the wotld. Research has made and it has been discovered all over the world that Nigeria women that are Entrepreneurs or in different works of life are found mostly by men who are in the banks or loan companies of raping  or assualting them  within the different locations of their body at the process of them trying to struggle to pay the loans or amount they borrowed to pay with interest in different sectors all over the world.

This petition is to call on the relevant authorities in charge of loans and bank sectors all over the world to please focus on Nigeria Loaning System to save their lives by doing the following below:

1. Make CBN, Nigeria Loan Firms and Federal Government desist the people of the nation  who are paying loans to their loaner of not adding intrest no matter the amount they borrow and the ones they have left to pay back to the world. 

2. They should be giving a maximum of  4 years to pay all the pending loans that they need to pay in making an agreement aftrer consultation with their families.

3. They should create Nigeria Association for Entrepreneurs who would be focused on this people and ensuring that they are supported in order to avoid losing people in Nigeria. People are dying daily especially women as these is one of the things causing the problems. 

4. Federal Government should create laws on bank and loan companies that anyone in this capacity that are men who are found guilty of raping women of such act shouls be jailed and the loan company or bank should be closed and their certificate of operations should be withdrawn from them by Coperate Affairs Commission. 

5. People who work in the bank or loan companies should be given different things to do and they should also have their own job or get into the enterpreneuurship industry  as source of income by not relying on the sweat of hardworking women and their families 

6. The minimum salaries a normal human being  is suppose to collect should be the same amount of salaries all the top oga in the bannk as there should be equality of every law in this country. 

The world is aware that many women wont disclose this to their husband and families on the pains they face when they are with this people. This is why this nonesense must stop and we must ensure that peace and justice is created in the society.  

Stop killing our women. Stop Assaulting them...Lets protect their future .....They are the pride of every families...We must take the stage and protect them now in order for them to live long and be part of our future.

Lets live our life like a Normal Nigerian. 

Thank you. 

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Signatures: 105Next Goal: 200
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