Australia is on Fire. Stop burning ourselves to death.

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The Kimberley in Western Australia is being burnt over year after year in unprecedented frequency and regularity of fires.  The vast majority of fires are started by humans.   There is no investigation of who starts the fires and no accountability for these destructive uncontrolled - sometimes planned and permitted burns.  There are no services to fight the fires in the wilderness areas.  We are witness to a vortex of extinction and time is up.  We must act now or loose everything that makes the Kimberley and indeed Australia habitable.  Lives are endangered and property is being destroyed.  Wildlife is killed, or if they survive the fires they are now starving to death for lack of food.  The fire regime is so extreme there are now unprecedented levels of flooding and loss of the soil.  Our main industry is tourism and this is under direct threat from the constant unrelenting destruction through fire.   This is a major contributor to Global Warming.  

We need investigation.  As politics run hot, the Indigenous people of Australia are being lined up as scapegoats, where the current fire regime is wrongfully attributed as being traditional.  We need factual investigation, planning and prevention of fire, and fire fighting resources, for deployment in the bush to protect lives and property in the wilderness areas.