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Save BACIS High School before the summer! (Wilmington , CA)

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Under the argument of low enrollment, Los Angeles Unified School District is closing  one of the most effective High School-programs available in LA. BACIS High School was created 4 years ago as an alternative for low performing high schools in Los Angeles Harbor Area. With an emphasis in Science, Technology, individualized learning and intense practice of learning skills, in four short years BACIS High School has over performed academically high schools in the area, achieved high scores and passing grades in standardized tests, reclassified dozens of English learners and taken 85% of their special education students to a successful first-generation graduation.

For years and years the District of Los Angeles has amended policies in search of the aforementioned goals with modest results. Why to close a pilot school that in a short life has earned success in every aspect of critical education that Los Angeles public schools have for long looked for? For years African-American and Hispanic students of LAUSD have struggled for successful graduation. As recent as 2015, their graduation rate was lower that 70% while students with disabilities were closer to 50%. BACIS High School serves a 95% low-income Hispanic population.

The most of BACIS students are well motivated and equipped for college enrollment in a neighborhood in which traditionally education could end even before high school graduation. The first generation (the one and only if the school is closed) of special education seniors are actively enrolling and planning for college when the options for college enrollment of students with disabilities in LAUSD are under 5%. The expected graduation rate of the one and only BACIS 2017-Generation is around 85%.

Last year, without academic argument o apparent reason, LAUSD pulled BACIS out from the Public School Choice Resolution deciding so the fate of the school. Besides LA School District has never informed and actively promoted within the Wilmington community the alternative of a pilot school and never has made public the academic struggle that for years has suffered Banning High School (The old school that has served Wilmington since 1926).

Certainly-if they had known-Wilmington parents had wished to enroll their children into a new local school that offered an alternative education with XXI Century-skills, magnet school, technology curriculum, and effective English development and special education programs. How reasonable parents could denied to their children a new and promising academic experience? Does it make sense for LAUSD to close new, innovative, effective, protective schools and to perpetuate and honor, “Chronically under performing schools?”

For now, LA School District is investing effort, time and money in the closing of BACIS High School for the dismay and frustration of students, parents and educators alike. Once that the announcement of the closing of the school was made a couple of months ago, one-third of the parents have withdrawn their children from the BACIS’s program to show their disapproval. Students have walked-out and marched side by side with their parents on the streets of Wilmington in protest; yet Los Angeles Unified District is deaf one more time to the Hispanic voice that from the humbleness of numerous homes dreams-on brown scholars thinking, solving and creating in American Universities.

“These Mexican young ladies-expressed 50 years ago the Orange County Education Superintendent-are good candidates for our schools, so one day they may help and assist with proper literacy in their domestic duties our American housewives and workers…” Are Hispanic students worthy of high quality education within Los Angeles? Should Wilmington-youth aspire from their education something more than literacy to become domestic assistants of the American people? Have they earned yet the right to be they themselves and now one with the American people?

In its short-wonderful life, BACIS HIGH SCHOOL has been nominated for a Golden Ribbon-Award for academic excellence. It has not received it yet; perhaps it will never receive it. LA School District is working actively to close it in two months. BACIS High School deserves its existence and its own teaching environment. Many LAUSD’s school-facilities exist in the area with plenty space to host and feed this successful school. Don’t let BACIS die! Let’s prevent crime and disorder in our poor neighborhood with valuable knowledge and powerful education!

If you believe in the unique power of learning, make your voice count: Tell to Michelle King-the LAUSD Superintendent-and the LAUSD Board of Education that Wilmington and every undeserved neighborhood in the nation are truly thirsty for knowledge:

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