Arrest The Three Other Officers Involved in the Death of George Floyd!

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This petition is an official request from US Citizens who support the Family and Friends of George Floyd, in pursuing justice for the brutal homicide at the hands of; Police Officers Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J. Alexander Kueng. While we know that one arrest has been accomplished we implore you to apprehend the three other suspects. The officers failed to render aid to Mr Floyd while he was in distress. They failed to confront there colleague and fellow officer Derek Chauvin, who issued the fatal pinned knee to Mr Floyd posterior neck. Therefore they stand at the very least to be charged as accomplices and accessories to murder.  Hold them accountable for the extensive use of illegal deadly force. Please know the nation is watching and are exhausted when it comes to excuses for vicious and brutal murders at the hands of substandard, deficient, and callous police officers. Set the tone for healing in the nation, lead by example, and serve as a model, for your community and for every community in America. Do the legal, ethical and honorable action of moving forward with Charges for the other 3 Officers Involved in Mr Floyd's death! Thank you for considering our point of view.