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Stop the racist witch hunt in Birmingham schools

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It is astonishing that an anonymous, unsigned and undated document has been used to launch investigations into a so-called Islamic Plot to take over Birmingham schools.


This has led to an outpouring of Islamophobia in the media and a witch hunt environment around the schools. The appointment of Peter Clarke, former head of counter-terrorism, implies that not only are our schools at risk of being taken over by ‘Muslim extremists’ but that being a Muslim is synonymous with terrorism.


All parents, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Muslim or not religious want a good education for their children in an environment that respects their culture whilst preparing them to be part of multi-cultural Britain. In schools which have an overwhelmingly Muslim intake this may well include prayer rooms, wearing of headscarves, acts of worship which are Islamic and the desire for more staff at all levels who reflect the student profile. It’s normal for our schools to celebrate the religious beliefs of students.


The government’s Academies and Free Schools programme is taking schools out of local democratic control and handing them to unaccountable charities, religious organisations and even businesses to run. This can only lead to division and distrust in our communities.


We totally reject the idea that there is Muslim plot to take over Birmingham schools.

We abhor the scapegoating of the Muslim community being whipped up by the media.

We call for the removal of Peter Clarke as we believe this is a provocative appointment, designed to divide our community.

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