Justice for Jaleayah Davis

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On November 19th, 2011 from Marietta, Ohio Jaleayah Davis spent the night with friends.  She left home around 5pm and kept in touch with her mother,Kim and sister Taubi via text through the night. At 3:28am, Taubi received a call from Jaleayah asking her to come and pick her up from nearby gas station. In the background Taubi heard her sister saying "give me the keys" 

Just minutes later,Jaleayah called back and this time she had changed, she was audibly hysterical, cursing and calling her friend names. She changed the location of the pick up, asking Taubi to meet her at a rest stop instead stop off interstate 77. Taubi asked her what was wrong, Jaleayah told she will tell her everything when Taubi gets there. What happens in the next 15 minutes remains a mystery. At 3:45 am emergency operators received a call from a truck driver who had made a devastating discovery as he drove down the interstate.  It was Jaleayah's body, naked from the waist up, broken leg, her right breast was missing and she had been decapitated. Taubi arrived before the police and discovered her sister's body and head. Jaleayahs bra and coat were draped over the guardrail, the coat stained with blood., further down the road Jaleayah's car was found still on. The car was still in gear and locked with the headlights on and the driver's side airbag deployed. For such horrific accident the demage to the car seemed relatively inconsequential.  The windscreen was still in tact, though the passenger side window was smashed.  The door post to the passenger's side was cracked and there was blood stains in the trunk. Almost a year and a half of investigation the police officially ruled Jaleayah's death accidental, stating she was driving under the influence of alcohol and wasnt wearing a seatbelt. When she hit the guardrail with her car. The force ejected her through the passenger side window, where she struck the guardrail, killing her instantly. Her body flipped over by her vehicle and into the other lane, where she was struck again by a tractor-trailer.  The case may have been officially closed, but Jaleayah's mother Kim believes that someone is covering up a murder. The evidence argues against the official ruling that Jaleayah died at the scene because of an accident. We want the case resolved and the right punishment for the appropriate person.