No parole for my baby's killer: his own father and police officer

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In 2014, my two month old baby, Kye, was killed by his own father (and former cop), Colin David Randall. The monster punched my son so hard he ruptured my baby’s organs and caused fatal injuries. For 18 months he denied having anything to do with Kye’s death, before he was found guilty of murder in 2016. Despite this sickening crime, Randall could walk free in 2021, after serving only 5 years.

Due to the trauma his father inflicted on his tiny defenceless body, little Kye went into cardiac arrest. My poor baby was subjected to horrific violence by the man who was supposed to protect and care for him. As a police officer, Colin David Randall breached his duty in the most horrible way. Randall was sentenced for murder but a plea bargain was struck and the charges were downgraded to manslaughter. 

For 18 solid months after Kye died, I was lied to, manipulated, deceived by the man who I was married to, believing Kye's death was a tragic accident somehow and all his father did was try and save him. Randall lied about the truth of my son’s death for four years. He had no remorse for what he did and manipulated us at every turn.

I am heartbroken that the monster was sentenced to only 9 years jail for violently taking my innocent baby’s life. The least we can do is ensure that he serves his full sentence. This is why I’m petitioning that he not be given parole.

I am scared for the safety of my daughter, Kye’s sister. I am afraid his release will put my daughter’s life at risk. Please don’t let this violent killer out of jail till he serves his sentence. The community would be better off without a child killer roaming free on our roads.

Please sign and share this petition to repeal Randall’s parole so he can serve the remainder of his sentence.