Right of Education for every Indian Child -an OCI minor - disparity regarding the fees

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OCI - Overseas citizens of India

Total Fees for OCI holder seeking admission in any NIT through DASA is 36k USD

But fees for CIWG who are also considered NRI and go through DASA pay fees in par with Indian students .

Similarly Nationals of SAARC countries get a 50% waiver in their tution fee.

So holding an OCI and trying to pursue higher education in India has become a very expensive affair .

Infact other than a hassel free entry into the country i dont see any advantage for an OCI card holder.

Especially if he is a minor and trying to pursue higher education in India it becomes a nightmare for his parents who living and earning and paying
tax in India are expected to pay thousands of US dollars for his education.

If a child is born in USA he becomes a US citizen by birth and parents do not have the right to deny him the citizenship until he turns 18 yrs of age and decides for himself .

 The parents move back to India , live and earn in Rupees ,paying Tax in India , Son does his entire education in India right from Nursery. Now when its time for him to apply
and study in premimum institutes in India to purse say an Engineering degree at NIT or IIIT or any other institution other than IIT his entire admission process changes. He is no
more eligible to apply to NIT with his JEE Mains score no matter how well he does .

All of a sudden after 13 yrs of primary education in India ,now the student is told he is an OCI so he has to apply through DASA and pay fees of thousands of dollars in USD or Rupees
equivalent .
How can a parent afford this when he is earning in Rupees and why should a good student lose an opportunity to study in a premimum institute when he has scored well
in the JEE Mains .

At this point the student is still a minor and cannot decide on his citizenship. Even if he turns 18 during admissions, it will be late by the time he applies for Indian
citizenship and later to addmission into these premium colleges.

This is unfair towards the child who is born in a foreign land and taken back to India , all without his consent. And finally when its time for him to seek higher education in India ,
the whole Foreign national thing comes up.
For no fault of his he is denied his desired education because his parents living and earning in Rupees cannot afford the high rates imposed by DASA .

However the so called DASA has its own fees waievers for CIWG and SAARC nationals .

Then why is there no fee waiever for an OCI student who has studied in India for 12 years or more. These are the students os parents who are living , working , earning, paying taxes
and unitedly working towards the ecnomic growth of its nation India , by staying in its soil , taking both the good and bad that it has to offer.

Is this not injustice done to both the parents and the OCI child.

NIIT's and other premium institutes have their own council which in turn are governed by the MHRD.

MHRD which is the deciding body for OCI and PIO education policies has to look into this and work on a new fee structure for OCI holders who have done their entier schooling in India .

They cannot pay in USD , with the USD to rupee rate @ 73 Rs today and as per market survey its going to increase further.

 Request the minister of HRD to kindly look into this and help the OCI students with some waivers in the fee structure.