A Support Person For Labour

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 As a first time - expecting mother doing this process alone in regards to going to appointments solo, etc I’ve coped with, however having a time limit on my partner being by my side during my birthing experience is terrifying to say the least. Birth in itself is scary but not having my partner by my side to help me through the whole process creates even more overwhelming anxiety than the actual thought of the birth itself.

 I praise all the nurse’s and essential workers on their work during these pressing times, however there are only so many of them on staff.

 Many women have reached out to me with stories, such as having to wait 45 minutes for a nurse to help them out of bed to go to the washroom, dropping their shampoo in the shower, not being able to bend down to pick it up due to having had a csection; waiting 10 minutes for a nurse to come after pressing the emergency button, what would of happened if this was a more urgent case?

 Thats why us mothers need to have our support person there, for both physical and emotional support around the clock. Him being my support during the whole experience is something both of us were looking forward to.

 My partner and I live together so if we both pass the screening test and go through than why the time limit on how long he can stay? 

 My due date is the end of the month, the closer I get the more and more stressed I feel, with regards to how the whole process will be laid out, to the point where I’m planning to wait till the last minute to actually make my way to the hospital so I can have my partner aside me.

 This time is just as important to the fathers; That bonding and connection that needs to be built between baby and daddy is critical. Not to mention, being alone after giving birth creates more probability of postpartum depression.

 If nothing can be changed by the time I go into labour than at least soon-to-be expecting mothers can have the experience they deserve.