FREE the lion in Mevzoo, Istanbul, Turkey!

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Lion kept in glass case in café as customers sit just feet away in Istanbul!

A café that kept a lion in a narrow glass corridor for customers to watch while they drank has sparked anger on social media.

Video footage showed the big cat constantly pacing to and fro, as if in frustration at being confined to a space less than a metre wide - barely broader than the animal itself.

The animal is filmed prowling up and down inches away from a little girl who walks the length of the glass cage.

Other customers sat on sofas and drank or sat at tables to eat, watched by the lion.

The café, Mevzoo, in Istanbul, Turkey. also has other animals including a crocodile, horses and birds, operating as an “animal rehabilitation centre”.

Other footage on its Instagram site showed the lion still pacing along the glass corridor after dark, apparently when the café – a hookah, or water pipe café - is closed, with only staff present.

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