Lifewise & The Methodist Church- No LOCKOUT! Respect your Homecare workers now!

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Lifewise homecare workers do essential jobs in our community supporting our loved ones, and they just want fair and decent jobs with incomes they can survive on. 

They have tried for over a year and a half to negotiate with Lifewise, without progress.  As a last resort they voted to take industrial action to try to achieve some change, but Lifewise has now issued Lockout notices to all the homecare workers who are simply trying to achieve fair treatment at work. This is forces the workers into poverty when they just want a fair deal.

For several years my elderly parents have received support from these homecare workers, and I know they are incredible people who go above and beyond to ensure my parents are looked after, happy, and well enough to remain in their home. It's not just that they ensure my parents' health is taken care of, they talk with them, they care about their lives. Their empathy makes all the difference, and helps my parents feel they have self-worth and that they're not a burden.  Lifewise is a part of the Methodist Church, and I'm a member of the church. I can't believe my own church is doing this to my parents' carers. It's not a christian thing to do. 

Lifewise's homecare workers have insecure jobs and don't receive enough paid hours to get by. They also have the minimum sick leave entitlements, even though they worked (and continue to work) through the Covid-19 crisis, and come into contact with some of our most vulnerable. 

These hard working and loyal carers deliver essential care to our elders and people with disability. All they want is a fair deal at work and in return they are being met with aggression. 

Lifewise, you are a part of the Methodist Church and you're supposed to stand for social justice. These workers deserve respect. Lifewise, and the Methodist Church, stop this lockout immediately and negotiate a fair deal with your homecare workers!