Petition to Memorial University to abolish newly implemented Service Fees

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The St. John’s campus of Memorial University (Photo from Wikipedia/Neelix)

Some of the new service fees implemented Oct. 1 2019 include:

• Replacement parchment $60;

• Certified copy of parchment $10 per copy;

• Verification of credential/attendance $15 per request;

• Confirmation of enrolment letter (requested online) $10 per request;

• Confirmation of enrolment letter (requested in-person) $15 per request;

• Additional confirmation of enrolment letter requested at the same time as initial letter (online or at the front counter in the same day) $2 per additional letter;

• Completion of forms (excludes student loan or pension forms) $15 per form;

• Letter of permission for students studying at other universities $30 per institution;

Students require enrolment verification for various forms such as insurance, daycare subsidies, scholarships, and for financial assistance.

International students at MUN require enrolment verification for MCP, visas, etc.

These new fees were implemented without consulting students and thus must be abolished.

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