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Protect the residents, wildlife and environment of Kincumber from a man made hazard.

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We, the Kincumber Residents Against Concrete Crushing and the undersigned, call on the Member for Terrigal, the NSW State Minister for Planning and The Central Coast Administrator, to step in to protect the people, the wildlife and the environment in Kincumber by halting or reversing (the changes that would flow from) the passing of DA 49839/2016 currently before The Central  Coast Council (previously known as Gosford City Council). As at 21st Feb 2016.

The proposed facility is very similar to, if not the same as proposals that were put up (unsuccessfully) for consideration in other locations here on the Coast, including Somersby, Springfield and another location in Kincumber. The area of the new proposal is similar in nature and character to these other locations and the aspects of the proposal that made the other proposals unsuitable intrinsically make this proposal unsuitable.

Our concerns in this matter are genuine and urgent. This proposal for a "Resource Recycling Facility" that will include the crushing of concrete and other materials, presents series  of problems including, but not limited too...

· Noise

· Impact on local school and sporting fields

· Loss in property values

· Inconsistency with zoning

· Environmental Impacts

· Safety Hazards

· Health impacts

· Truck and vehicle impacts and increased traffic

Health Impacts

When Concrete is crushed a portion of sand is converted to crystalline silica which is a human carcinogen (lung cancer) and can cause a lung condition known as Silicosis.


Habitats, plants and animals

This proposal will disturb and directly remove habitats and impact ecological communities. This damage will minimize the food resources for animals which will in turn reduce their populations.  Degradation of habitats is the main threat to any species.


Species found in the area include:-


·         Southern Brown Bandicoot

·         Long Nosed Potoroo

·         Echidna

·         Squirrel Gliders

·         Tranquility Mintbush (Prostanthera Askania) (endangered)

·         Eastern Rosellas

·         Bower Bird

·         Lorrikeets

·         Various reptiles, snakes, lizards

·         Large Angophora trees

·         Scribbly Gums

·         Owls

And many more……

Noise Pollution

Noise will be elevated to surrounding areas. The plant itself, the dumping of large amounts of rubble, the reverse beeping of trucks, the tilting of their trays, the braking while arriving and the acceleration when departing. The Sub divisions bordered by Empire Bay Drive, The Scenic Road and Brushwood Avenue will be directly impacted by noise and air pollution. Trucks carting heavy rubble will be increasing in their number and frequency on the surrounding roads. Crushing and sorting of these heavy materials by machinery will be extremely loud. All of these residents already hear the concrete facility on Cochran Street and Shipwrights Lane and do not want another noisy operation nearby.

Existing Infrastructure

The existing road would be degraded from increased truck traffic. It handles the flow of local traffic at present and still feels like a country road, which is great for residents and tourists who enjoy the getaway of Macmasters Beach. This is extra strain on the already congested roads, evidenced by the need for traffic lights that are proposed on Empire Bay Drive.

Public Safety

The addition of more trucks on the road will cause havoc for local traffic with entering and existing on a blind rise of a hill opposite Abundance Street.

Residents do not want an increase in traffic, especially trucks.

Air Pollution

Air pollution would be extremely elevated. Concrete dust is well known to reduce lung function. This is a massive health hazard to the residents within the area and the surrounding flora and fauna. Even if it were contained within the facility, which is impossible as there is always exposure when something is entering and exiting. The trucks would be hauling concrete bumping along The Scenic Road, this would create concrete dust that would enter our immediate atmosphere on a daily basis. Then add that same truck leaving and driving past again with only the dust left in the bottom the tray. Then add the actual crushing and handling of the material, which would create plumes of the light dust that travels for kilometres on a light breeze. Crystalline Silica clogs the lungs and is irreversible.  Air pollution as dust will be carried directly into this residential area. This is proven when a southerly combined with the inversion layer brings a horrendous smell off the treatment works. That is bad enough before you throw dust into the mix, some of which will be toxic cancer causing dust. A south wind occurs regularly.



Respect should be afforded to the residents in the semi-rural and residential areas surrounding the proposed facility to enable people to reside and recreate in a peaceful environment.

A recycling facility, which stores, sorts and crushes concrete is not compatible for the zoning objectives in the surrounding sub division a few hundred meters away. A facility of this kind belongs in an area away from residences. If it goes ahead we are just allowing the expansion of pollution into residential areas putting more people at risk of poor health and disease.

Detrimental effects on the health of native animals and the sensitive micro environments will be a serious threat to the beautiful flora and fauna within the area.

We have to be smart where we allow such things to be built. We believe that with more investigation a suitable site could be found.

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