Frequent train services between Wyndham Vale - Tarneit and Southern Cross

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This is a petition to Ms.Melissa Horne, The Minister for Public Transport Victoria to address the issue we are facing in relation to the public transport facilities from Wyndham Vale / Tarneit to Southern Cross (Melbourne CBD).

As you know, the Wyndham Vale and Tarneit residents are using the V/Line trains which operates in Geelong line. It is almost impossible for us to use our cars to go to work everyday and train is the only public transport system we can use. 

If you check the stats, you can see that it is not a small number of residents of Wyndham Vale and Tarneit who are using the V/Line especially on working days during peak hours. Unfortunately, many V/Line services run with reduced capacity (3 carriages only ) during these peak hours which makes it almost impossible for the residents of Wyndham Vale/Tarneit to board the train. This results in a delay in our daily plans / office hours. This seems to be happening more often now. As you understand its not easy to be excused for being late to office just because train is late/reduced capacity/cancelled. 

Another important issue we would like to bring to your attention is long intervals between services during the peak hours. For example: From CBD to Wyndham Vale, if a customer miss the 5:16 PM train, he/she needs to wait till 5:46 PM. Please understand that it is not 10 or 20 people. It is 100s of people. And after this 30 mins of wait V/Line may disappoint with a 3 carriage service. Please refer to the public transport usage stats of Geelong V/Line. A travel in these services is really a frustrating experience as its always packed with customers who pay for these services.

In addition to all these, there is also the constant murmur and complaints from Geelong customers when they are not able to board Geelong service from city as it is full. 

We request your attention into this issue and address this so that the residents of Wyndham Vale/Tarneit can commute to the city and be able to arrive at work on time. Also it would help other Geelong customers travel with comfort. 

A 6 carriage V/Line service every 10 minutes from ( or stops at ) Wyndham Vale and Tarneit in the morning peak hours and a 6 carriage V/Line service every 10 minutes from Southern Cross in the evening peak hours that stops at Wyndham Vale and Tarneit would solve this issue. 

Thank you