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Today the Cacique Raoni is filing a complaint for crimes against humanity, this forum explains his initiative and his fight. By co-signing it, you show your support and raise the voice of Cacique Raoni Metuktiré, Traditional Chief of the Kayapo-Mebengokré people.

Since 2019, Darwin Climax Coalitions has been working closely with the Xingu delegation under the authority of the cacique Raoni.  Our role and responsibility is to accompany and organise and international political and legal support against the confiscation of the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples in their territories, and more broadly at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. 

Darwin Climax Coalitions and Nature Rights for the Defence of Human Rights and Nature



Since 40 years, the Cacique (Chief) Raoni Metuktire, Traditional Chief of the Kayapo-Mebengokré people, embodies the struggle for the preservation of the Amazonian forest, one of the largest biodiversity reserve of our planet. His headdress made of ara feathers and his wooden labret - circular wooden tray - which distends his lower lip have become the symbols of the voice that all Indigenous Peoples now intend to make heard within the worldwide council of nations.

As deforestation is intensifying everywhere rather than being reduced, as attacks on biodiversity are growing rather than diminishing, as threats and cases of aggression against indigenous leaders are remaining unpunished rather than being condemned, the Brazilian Head of State, Jair Bolsonaro, continues to display his absolute contempt for the rights of the Indigenous Peoples and his firm desire to pursue a predatory deforestation policy with all the disastrous climate consequences it implies.

Almost 90 years old, Cacique Raoni does not give up. He continues to denounce the injustice done to his people and to alert on the damage done to the forest whose original inhabitants he descends from. Today, he takes an unprecedented, strong and unique initiative and calls on the international community to face up to its responsibilities by giving mandate to William Bourdon, lawyer registered with the International Criminal Court (ICC), to file a complaint on his behalf for Crime Against Humanity against the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, against the members of the brasilian government and against all potential individual that the survey might establish as co-responsible of such a crime.

In doing so, the Cacique Raoni is not only questioning the ability of our societies, our states and our courts of justice to rule on the law. Much deeply, he questions the ability of the western world to "turn around the mirror " of the colonizer in recognizing the inalienable rights of the First Nations and Original Peoples of the Earth to maintain their immemorial relationship with

the array of other beings and living elements known as “nature” in the languages of the western culture. Indigenous cultures belong to all of mankind. They hold profound truths about our world and our relationship to it, to others, to ourselves. Such a knowledge may help us make accurate choices for tomorrow. If the nearly 5,000 Indigenous Peoples on earth only constitute

about 5% of the world's population, at the heart of their ancestral traditional territories, they are the custodians and sentinels of 80% of the global biodiversity.

This lawsuit for Crime against Humanity is filed by the Cacique Raoni Metuktire joined by the Cacique Surui of the Paiter Surui People, co-signer with him. Like us, countless leaders of Tribes, Peoples and Indigenous Nations are about to support the initiative of Chief Raoni but also to offer him their gratitude for a struggle that is not only addressing a Kayapo issue nor even an Indigenous Peoples’ issue, but rather an issue for all people in Cacique Raoni's own words : "We all breathe one air, we all drink one water, we all live on one land".

The lawsuit filed at the ICC by Chief Raoni together with his people, is a challenge set by a leader filled with an indomitable will. A challenge to the decolonization of the mindsets which might finally allow to hear the voice of the other, to integrate his criteria, to adopt his point of view, to understand that, through another way of interacting with the world, lays another way of living in this the world, a way where crime against humanity as well as ecocide shall no longer have room.

Because we are among those who declare themselves ready to take up this challenge…

Because we commit ourselves to fight against the devastation of the Amazonian forest and for the protection of the ancestral knowledges…

Because we cannot accept to see the inalienable rights of the Original Peoples of the Earth on their traditional territories being put under jeopardy...

We, signers of this tribune, hereby offer our unfailing support to Cacique Raoni Metuktire’s lawsuit for Crime against Humanity.