Medscape; remove or correct Barbara Johnson’s misleading Lyme disease presentation

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Medscape; remove or correct Barbara Johnson’s misleading Lyme disease presentation

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One way to stop an epidemic is to redefine it by narrowing the disease's diagnostic criteria so tightly that it's hard for any chronically ill Lyme patient to fit the profile.

A complaint was filed with WebMD regarding the following Medscape news post on Mar 5th 2012,
“Testing for Lyme Disease: Follow the Steps by Barbara J.B. Johnson, PhD”

The following statement by Barbara Johnson regarding the Western blot Lyme test is the issue:

“To be considered positive, the serum should react with at least 5 of 10 scored bands on the IgG assay and with 2 of 3 scored bands on the IgM assay.”

This set of Western blot criteria was established for surveillance purposes only and if the patient does not meet these strict criteria then the case is not reported to the CDC. Those who treat Lyme disease exclusively recognize that it is not necessary to have five positive Western blot IgG bands or two IgM bands in order to diagnose Lyme disease.

(Sample Western blot)

The CDC has confused a nation of intelligent physicians by not including the disclaimer that the national surveillance case definition is for reporting purposes only and not to be used in clinical diagnosis.
Misinterpretation of laboratory results is the main reason why physicians across the nation are dismissive of Lyme patients and their symptoms.

Medscape must not blur the lines between surveillance & diagnostic criteria, suggesting that all Lyme patients will test positive by the CDC's strict ELISA and Western Blot criteria. Substantial research evidence, including that from institutions such as Johns Hopkins, shows this is not true.  

WebMD claims to be; “The leading source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news and information” but in this example we question the integrity of Medscape’s services and those who are in charge.

Sign this petition and insist Medscape remove or correct Barbara Johnson’s misleading presentation.

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Carl Tuttle

Hudson, NH
Website: New Hampshire Lyme Misdiagnosis

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This petition had 272 supporters

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