Keep Medicine Hat utilities publicly owned and operated

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We the people of Medicine Hat have owned and operated our own utilities for the past 110 years. The current City Council is considering the sale of our utilities to a privately owned corporation. That means that all future profits and dividends from this profitable asset will go to private individuals who do not live here. Local jobs could be lost if the private company brings in their own staff. It is also probable that our utility bills will increase. If sold, the average homeowner will be paying about 27% more. The average cost in the city-issued chart for the four other cities is $651; Medicine Hat’s rate is $511 - a 27% difference. As consumers we will lose our Medicine Hat Advantage and we will lose our advantage as owners.

The decision to do this has been done without any public consultation. As the owners of this public utility, residents of Medicine Hat deserve to be informed and given the opportunity to vote just as any shareholder would be in the private sector.

Let City Council know that you are opposed to the sale of our public utilities.

Please click through to see more information on utility price comparisons with other cities in Alberta as well as news coverage about this issue.