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Medical Profession & Law Makers: Change standards on Well Woman Exams to more modern standards.

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I want to make you aware of an issue that has now changed my life and the life of my 14 yr old daughter. My daughter Bekah, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Carcinoma in September 2012. She had an extremely large tumor and we were told early that "things do not look good for her". Bekah fought until her last breath which was December 12, 2012, she was only 14 years old. She never had a chance. Not only is Ovarian Cancer a silent killer, but I have been told since my 24 year old daughter was a teen, that Well-Woman Exams aren't done on our children until they are "in their early 20s" OR "sexually active". Bekah never was sexually active and she never will see her 20s. THIS could have been prevented. The Medical Profession follows standards and protocol and I'm on a personal mission to change this thinking. Bekah wanted to spread the word of the signs & symptoms before she died by helping me create a postcard with the signs. I WILL continue to spread the word. I have used facebook to begin my mission but I'm on my way to bombarding the medical profession. Well Woman Exam standards MUST be changed, they must be modernized. This needs backed up to their "FIRST PERIOD". A simple pelvic exam or sonogram could have caught Bekahs cancer and maybe given her a chance. BUT this means nothing when doctors will NOT do the exams in kids this age to begin with. These early exams can begin by creating a health care plan, such as looking at family history, and even a simple non-invasive blood test looking for CA-125. MORE can be done if parents were given the opportunity to have their daughters examined. Ovarian Cancer may be rare, but NOT ONE life should be lost to this. I have 7000+ supporters on Bekah's page, and I cant tell you how many women, just by hearing Bekah's story, have called their doctors and met a brick wall because physicians are protecting themselves by following standards set by the AMA among others organizations, and these standards are OUT OF DATE. Give our kids a chance, give women a chance! I'm proposing change. Change within the Medical Profession, within Insurance Companies, Associations, Organizations, and give parents the right to choose how our childrens medical care is handled. Let parents decide if paving a path to good reproductive health is what is best for their daughters, without brick walls. I'm asking for you to help me bring down the brick walls. Please, I don't want my daughters death to be for nothing. There must be something positive to come from it, and this small change is a great place to start. Thank you.

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