Support Semester Fee Concession

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For the even semester, While most of the students paid their fees before deadline, many of them somehow managed to pay during the lockdown there are few students who still can't afford & owe their fees to the college. This Covid 19 pandemic has shaken up all of us be it physically, emotionally or financially. The pressure made by MCKV Institute Of Engineering to students to pay fees during the lockdown phase has become a financial burden on them, and ultimately affecting their mental health. Even after being aware of the complete scenario, releasing notice for upcoming semester's fee payment without any concessions made is complete nuisance & injustice.

Every parents may not be able to submit the fees of the college due to monetary limitations caused because of shutting down of businesses, pay cut in salaries & employment losses during the pandemic lockdown. The truth also remains that many students and parents are supporting their educational efforts with the help of educational or friendly loans, which further add to the difficulty.

We appreciate effort of each faculty members for taking online classes during lockdown, keeping us on track & helping us evolve at the same time. Although resources like laboratories, workshops, classrooms, libraries, hostels etc which students receive as a major part of their fees were still undermet. Students are aware of the fact that college has certain fixed expenses & have salaries to bear. Thus keeping in mind of every facts we student demands -

►  "Appropriate concession in our upcoming Semester fees and Hostel fees". Up to 50% semester fee relaxation is recommended.

Not able to meet above demand it may negatively affect student's financial position and may pressurize to choose between essential goods needed to survive and carry out the right of uninterrupted education. College should not expect upcoming semester's fees from students of college any time soon until it reaches any conclusion.

Right to education can only have a significant meaning if it is read as a right to continuous and continual education. We know our voices are well taken care of, thank you for your time.

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