Save the Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade from demolition and put it on the heritage list!

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We can no longer sit back and watch as the fabric of the Gold Coast is lost to international and interstate developers who have no regard for makes the Gold Coast what it is...

The Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade has significant historical and aesthetic placing on the Gold Coast and has not been listed on the local or state heritage register.

There are very few buildings of this type, scale and vintage remaining in the city.

The arcade IS widely recognised by the community, both for its unique style and the level of detail in its construction.

As a global city — council’s words — we should be able to have a mature discussion and response to heritage and conservation in our city rather than half-baked responses like what happened with the Miami Ice building.

This is a disgrace. The way things are going none of our history will be left.

This is a call to arms to protect what is remaining of YOUR Gold Coast history - Mayor Tom Tate please step into action to do what is right on behalf of your voters.