STOP Crews & Tangos from becoming a condo

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Crews & tangos is a bar based in Toronto's famous gay village, over the years the village has lost MANY bars and clubs, making the community smaller and smaller. These condos are taking over our queer spaces, this condo will NOT ONLY take Crews & Tangos but will take out another gay bar "Boutique" with it. That, and also a space for our stages during PRIDE Toronto. THREE QUEER SPACES TAKEN, FOR ONE CONDO! This will take away not only our spaces to feel safe, but take away jobs for artists who live off of performing every night.

If Crews & Tangos is going to change, make it at least into another LGBT space. Not a condo. The village is a safe haven for LGBT folk to be ourselves, moving our spaces to the 'entertainment district' and mixing us in with non-LGBT crowds will not make us feel safe, put us at actual risk for physical violence from outsiders. Also, our bars are NOT just entertainment, it is a family thing, a place for us to congregate, space for us to feel like we belong. This is a territory to be ourselves and meet people like ourselves. When people come with the intention to hurt us they would get shut down, because we know someone is always around to help.

Now it is a block. and we can not afford to lose another LGBT space, as we already recently the summer of 2019 lost the famous FLY 2.0 where the famous "Queer as folk" was shot. 

Please sign, and help show that we are NOT in support of Crews & Tangos and Boutique being shut down, and as a community, we will stand against it.