Leaf Blower Pollution

Leaf Blower Pollution

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Lee Stergios started this petition to City of Port Moody and

Since the beginning of COVID-19 and the subsequent lock down, my spouse and I have been working from home in our newly created home office space.

Throughout the entire spring season, the summer season, and now the fall season, we have been forced to work every day starting at 8 AM with our windows shut due to the continuous and never-ending nuisance of leaf blowers.

They use them to blow dirt into neat little piles, they use them to clean the sidewalks and driveways, they use them to push the leaves around, and this noise pollution is now 7 days a week.

We cannot sleep in on the weekends, we cannot work in peace with the window open for fresh air on weekdays, and we are being deprived of enjoying our home, and our neighborhood that we have lived in for 15 years due to this constant pollution of noise, the air, and of the limited nonrenewable resources wasted with gas powered leaf blowers.

There are bylaws and signs in place for Newport Village and for its buildings to remind everyone to minimize late evening noise. There are signs that request we be respectful and mindful that this is a residential neighborhood.

So how is it that this has been allowed to get so out of control where we cannot focus on our work without having to wear headphones. That we cannot leave our patio doors and windows open at any time of the year. That we cannot sit on our own decks and enjoy a peaceful morning.

Do we suffer our mental health because we cannot focus on work due to the constant grinding of leaf blowers? Do we consider moving due to the lack of respect for others rights to enjoy their home in peace?

How is it that in one breath everyone talks about becoming more green and more conscious, but in the other, polluting in this manner is acceptable and allowed?

Should we reward laziness because it is just too much of a physical demand to use a rake and a broom to do work that was done for years in a manner that did not disturb others, and, without all the negative consequences?

Is there no landscape and garden maintenance company in business anymore that has a conscience beyond the bottom line and is truly as green as the lawns and gardens that they maintain?

Does anyone care about the air pollution, the noise pollution, the wasted resources, the mental and emotional strain that its placing on having to deal with this every day from 8: AM, or is keeping sidewalks and gardens leaf and dirt free more important?

I hope it is not most people’s idea in Port Moody and Newport Village of what a Green City is. It is definitely not my idea of what a Green City should be, not now and not in the future.

We would like the Mayor and the city council to lead by example and address this problem on behalf of all the residents of Port Moody, Newport Village and planet earth. Let’s all do the right thing and ban gas leaf blowers from our city.

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