Remove Ordinance 11746 which makes it illegal to film cops in Tucson, Arizona.

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Ordinance 11746 States that “the public has a clear right to free speech and to record police activities that take place in public” BUT Sec. 11-70.3. Part A states that “Police officers or Community Service Officers conducting enforcement activity, investigations, and OTHER POLICE-RELATED activities (“other police related activities” basically means arresting or detaining someone) may restrict individuals from physically entering crime scenes or areas immediately surrounding where such enforcement activity, investigations, and other police-related activities are taking place. Police Officers or Community Service Officers may ESTABLISH THE BOUNDARIES of a restricted area by using physical barriers, placing visual markers like caution tape, or EXPRESSLY COMMUNICATING that an area is temporarily restricted for police activity.”

Simplified this means that you can watch a police officer unjustly arrest/assault/murder someone but as long as they said “this area is restricted because we are conducting police activity” you can’t film it and if you do you can be fined up to $750 and charged with a class 2 misdemeanor which you can be arrested and detained for. It also states that “Police Officers or Community Service Officers may ESTABLISH the boundaries of a restricted area” which means they can set a boundary big enough that it can deter you from filming anything at all.

Sec. 11-70.3. Part B states “If a Police Officer or Community Service Officer has established a restricted area, it shall be unlawful for any person to enter the restricted area without a Police Officer’s or Community Service Officer’s express permission to enter; or to refuse to comply with a Police Officer’s or Community Service Officer’s request or direction to leave the restricted area.”

This article also states under section 11-70.4. Section 2 that “The various City officers and employees are hereby authorized and directed to perform all acts necessary or desirable to give effect to this Ordinance”

They are trying to stop us from filming cops by any means necessary the city of Tucson does not care about their people they want to protect these racist cops by passing unconstitutional laws. Help us get this ordnance removed please sign the petition.

you can also do your part by contacting the Mayor & Council Members

Mayor Regina Romero by email: or phone: (520) 791-4201
Ward 1 Council Member Lane Santa Cruz by email: or phone: (520) 791-4040
Ward 2 Council Member Paul Cunninghamby email: or phone: (520) 791-4687
Ward 3 Council Member Paul Durham by email: or phone: (520) 791-4711
Ward 4 Council Member Nikki Lee by email: or phone: (520) 791-3199
Ward 5 Council Member Richard Fimbres by email: or phone: (520) 791-4231
Ward 6 Vice Mayor Steve Kozachik by email: or phone: (520) 791-4601