Vancouver: No Megatowers at Safeway

Vancouver: No Megatowers at Safeway

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Why this petition matters

MASSIVE luxury towers are being proposed by the Crombie Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) for the Safeway site on East Broadway at Commercial Drive.

ZERO low income, non-profit, social housing or co-op housing is proposed.

These investment developers, who are based on the Toronto Stock Exchange, want 3 skyscrapers that would soar to the equivalent of  40, 36 and 31 residential storeys from the ground to the very tip top.

The developer is being exempted from  the "20% affordable housing policy". Only 12% of the suites will be for "below market" rent. Roughly a 16% discount. That's it.

The rest of the 653 suites are luxury condos and upscale market priced rentals.  

The proposed towers go against years of community planning for the site. The Grandview Woodlands Citizens' Assembly recommended 12 storeys as the highest height; the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan says heights ranging between 12-24 storeys are acceptable. 

We strongly support increased density near a transit hub. Of course. But we want affordable housing in Vancouver. This development will not bring it.

There is no generous, centrally located public plaza as the City promised in the Grandview Woodland community plan. These skyscrapers will darken the neighbourhood and erase mountain views.

There is no community daycare in the proposal.

The Safeway store itself would be dramatically increased in size - - a sprawling megastore out of keeping with Commercial Drive,  threatening the viability of local businesses.

These massive towers will boost nearby property values, taxes and rents on local businesses.  We cherish the eclectic nature of Commercial Drive. This will push many independent businesses - many who already are struggling - away or into closure. 

This proposal will do nothing to bring affordable housing to Vancouver.

We want Vancouver City Council to vote 'No' to this development proposal and rezoning application for 1780 East Broadway.


2,243 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!