Make Paramedics An Essential Service In Toronto

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As of right now, emergency medical services in Toronto - paramedics and ambulances - are not an essential service.

Most people don't know that. And those who hear it, cannot believe it.

That is to say that while TTC bus drivers are an essential service, the paramedics that have the medications, training, and equipment necessary to save lives and transport the sick, injured, and ill to the hospital are non-essential.

Paramedics will continue to work during this COVID outbreak but will be afforded none of the protection that the fire department and the police department receive as essential services. Paramedics are the trained professionals on the front lines - the first to make patient contact - and in many cases the only means by which patients will make it to the hospital - or, put bluntly, make it at all.

How are paramedics not granted essential service status? Ask yourself, reader, is the capacity to have an ambulance arrive at your home to help you and yours something you see as essential?

It is time for the city to step up and make available and essential that which ought to be essential. Paramedics are the lifeline between the community and the definitive care our glorious publicly funded healthcare provides. 

There's not much more to it.