Objection to Local Planning Scheme 21 Amendment 45

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We object to Local Planning Scheme 21 Amendment 45, being the removal of Additional Use 52 from the 'Rural Residential' zoned Lot 30 Millbrook Road, Yallingup and introduction of Special Provision 71 to a portion of Lot 30 Millbrook Road (proposed Lot 8 Millbrook Road) to include a number of additional 'A' uses.

Gunyulgup Valley is a natural amphitheatre and sounds are amplified and carry due to it's unique natural shape. The residents can hear cars travelling along Caves road and events from as far away as Caves House and Swings & Roundabouts. The lot that is the subject of this amendment is centre stage of this natural amphitheatre.

We do not believe that it is appropriate to include additional 'A' uses on a Residential Rural lot that has reduced in area from 24.4ha to one with area of only 10.8ha. It is more appropriate to reduce the special uses given the reduction in size and the creation of new Residential Rural lots in closer proximity to Lot 8. We believe these additional type of uses are more appropriate in an area zoned "Viticulture and Tourism" such as the case with "Cape Lodge" which is specifically referenced in the proposed amendment.

In addition, the proposed amendment does not provide a balanced consistency with "The Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge Statement of Planning Policy" (LNRSPP). To achieve the Vision, the Overall Objectives of the LNRSPP are to:

• conserve and enhance the special benefits arising from landscape elements that form the fabric of the region;
• respect and conserve its outstanding natural and cultural heritage and environmental values;
• cater for population growth consistent with the objectives of the LNRSPP and provide a range of settlement options located to enhance the economic, social and environmental functions, while promoting quality and innovation in urban design and built form;
• protect agricultural land for its economic, landscape, tourism and social values;
• encourage a mix of compatible land uses while separating conflicting land uses;
• facilitate a robust, diverse and sustainable economy; and
• foster a sense of community and creativity;
for the benefit of all residents and visitors and for future generations.

The proposed amendment will adversely affect the residents property values, amenity, lifestyle, introduce conflicting land uses, environmental impacts on residents, flora, fauna and the natural beauty of the Gunyulgup Valley. We strongly petition for the rejection of LPS 21 Amendment 45.