Do you support live music in Nanaimo?

Do you support live music in Nanaimo?

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Petition to Allow live music at Pirate Chips between 6-8 on Friday evenings 

Local musicians and businesses need our support during these difficult times. Pirate Chips has been hosting the Femme Fatales band outside on Friday evenings between 6-8, bringing a little music and life back to downtown Nanaimo in a safe and responsible manner. Unfortunately, a noise complaint from a nearby condo tower is threatening to shut down the show. We believe the great good that these events do for our local musicians, businesses and live music lovers outweigh this complaint.        

We the undersigned support local Nanaimo business and musicians, and ask that Pirate Chips be permitted to continue to host The Femme Fatales on their patio on Fridays between 6-8 pm to bring music back to our downtown in a COVID-responsible way.




Following is a letter that got sent to the Mayor and  council from a citizen and it sums up everything we wanted to say.

I have recently learned that the city has been issuing bylaw violation tickets to Pirate Chips and threatening large fines if they continue to host live music, which they have been doing at limited times on early weekend evenings. This is tremendously disheartening. These are professional musicians, playing at a reasonable hour outdoors, in a time where their entire livelihoods have been decimated for the foreseeable future, playing at a local business that deserves our support. These tickets and threats hurt local musicians, local businesses, and are antithetical to the spirit with which these events are conceived; as survival mechanisms of people in the arts who are hurting and who need our help. Who need to make music. The vast majority of those in the area have absolutely no problem with what Pirate Chips is doing, bringing music to people when we need it the most, in the safest way possible, which, right now, means outside. It's 2 hours of live music on Friday evenings between 6:00 to 8:00.

Let's be reasonable. 

This is exactly the kind of thing Nanaimo needs right now. 

I understand that someone in the condos nearby has been inconvenienced by this music. At the same time, it is important to consider what a bit of live music brings to the area, what giving musicians and businesses the opportunity to do their jobs does in terms of financial and mental health. Killing the music hurts many more people in our city than potentially irritating a condo dwelling complainer. These are complicated times and we need to support Nanaimo citizens trying to make their way through them. A little music for a couple hours on Friday evenings during the summer seems like a pretty reasonable ask. Of all the noises you are likely to hear during the night downtown Nanaimo, professional musicians playing a few songs is the least objectionable one I can think of.

Let's stop punishing them for trying to bring some light.