Stop the killing of dogs in the Breasta Public Shelter, Romania

Stop the killing of dogs in the Breasta Public Shelter, Romania

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Stop dogs being killed in the Public Shelter of Breasta, Romania. 100 dogs are due to be killed starting on Monday 18th June 2018 in the Breasta public shelter.

Dogs are brought to the Romania Public Shelter, Breasta (and in many other pounds across the country), and then kept for 21 days, they are then placed on a "Kill List" and euthanased if no home can be found within days.

Since February 2018 not one single dog at Breasta has been killed due to successful and relentless activities between rescue-individuals, international rescue-organisations and local fosterers. This social action has saved 100's of dogs in a few months . These dogs are not ill or aggressive.

Recently the pressure has been accelerated, since dog-catchers have started to also catch dogs outside the Breasta community and consequently more dogs have been brought in. Dog catchers get paid a significant amount from the EU for each dog brought in. We believe that the increase at Breasta is being driven by EU policy to pay dog catchers for each dog brought in.

Rescuers first had to deal with 30 dogs on average every 2 weeks, it now is 40 -50 dogs, which is  50 % more.

Having these beautiful souls killed is in no one’s interest when they can be saved and this is happening all over Romania.

Unfortunately the rescuers were informed on Friday 16th June  that on the coming Monday, 18th June, more than 100 dogs will be killed.

Please don't allow these dogs to be killed. Vote for change. Sign now!