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Zamboni's Story (Short Version)

April 17, 2013
Cindy Gutwein had her much loved dog Zamboni at a friend's home while in Edmonton Alberta.

Her friend let Zamboni and her own dogs out into the backyard to potty. She stepped back into the house for only a moment as one of her dogs had not come out to do their business yet. Suddenly, she heard a ruckus in the yard. Her own dogs were still in the yard, however, Zamboni was GONE. For months and months, people searched. Lost dog signs were posted EVERYWHERE, calls were made to shelters, vet clinics, and his microchip was flagged to indicate that he was lost/stolen... NOTHING. Not one sighting. It was very obvious that Zamboni had been stolen.

June 29, 2020
Cindy gets a call from Beaumont Municipal Enforcement. ZAMBONI IS ALIVE AND HAS BEEN FOUND! He was brought in as a stray, his microchip was scanned and indicated that his owner is Cindy Gutwein. AFTER SEVEN LONG YEARS ZAMBONI HAS FINALLY BEEN FOUND!!

After telling Cindy that her dog was to be held in the pound for two weeks, refusing to allow anyone to pick him up, even CINDY, OFFICER DAVINDER RETURNED ZAMBONI TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD HIM THIS WHOLE TIME! Even after Cindy was determined to be the PROVEN, LEGAL OWNER, based on the microchip. Officer Davinder gave Zamboni, a dog considered to be stolen property, to the people who could provide NO PROOF OF OWNERSHIP other than a photograph of Zamboni with their children from a couple of years ago. Officer Davinder LITERALLY gave stolen "property" to the very people who could have stolen Zamboni in the first place! 

The bylaws broken by Peace Officer Davinder are as follows:
(Copied from

8.8. A Peace Officer who takes custody of an Animal shall take all reasonable steps to:
(a) ensure the Animal is provided with adequate care, food, water, shelter; and
(b) locate the Owner of the Animal, including a search of the Animal’s

8.14. An Animal captured/seized and impounded with no Identification shall be held in
the Pound for a period of at least three (3) days. An Animal impounded with
Identification, and/or in the opinion of a Peace Officer or Veterinarian to be a
Purebred shall be held in the Pound for a period of at least ten (10) days. The day of
impoundment, statutory holidays and each day that the Pound is closed shall not
be included in the computation of the holding period. During this period, any
Animal not under investigation may be redeemed by its Owner, or agent of the
owner who provides valid identification, proof of ownership and takes payment of:
(a) associated impound fee as per the Fees & Charges Schedule; and,
(b) any associated medical costs that may have been incurred.

What is the point of microchipping your dog, if when the dog is found, the appropriate authorities refuse to return him/her to their rightful, LEGAL owner?

Officer Davinder should be severely reprimanded for refusing to return a dog to the proven rightful, legal owner. This is the SECOND TIME Zam has been stolen from Cindy.


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The legal battle has just begun. We MUST get Zamboni home. Home to where he BELONGS, and where he DESERVES to be.

I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart. I truly don’t have the words to express my appreciation. God bless.

- Cindy Gutwein