Dogs and Cats should be allowed in apartments in NY and whole USA

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Homeless Dogs and Cats in shelters need homes. Apartment complexes , landlords that ban Dogs and Cats increase the number of homeless Cats and Dogs, Responsible people should have a choice. Pet ownership enriches life. Co Op and Condo boards denied so many. I can't buy a home this is not fair.  I work hard it seems no complexes are Pet Friendly. Is it too much to ask to have a dog.  Dogs and Cats deserve homes.  I just want my American Dream.  This will decrease animal homelessness and give so much joy to lives of people.  Don't ban  Dogs or Cats from homes , Co-op's Condos , homes. Not fair. No Ban should be put on owners. Remember apartment insurance can include pets. So landlords will not be responsible.  Plus other fees can be paid to cover the pet.  There are answers.