Footpath & crossing 15th Ave

Footpath & crossing 15th Ave

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Started by Samantha bijok

Please help connect & protect our children & elderly while crossing between the neighbouring suburbs of West Hoxton & Middleton Grange.

Location: Roundabout at 15th Avenue, Second Avenue & Kingsford Smith Avenue.

This is an incredibly hard & dangerous place to cross for pedestrians during peak hour. There isn't a pedestrian crossing or footpaths to facilitate safe passage.

Please help prevent a serious injury or fatality to one of our children, elderly and or local residents, or anyone for that matter, who attempts to cross the road at this point.  

Middleton Grange has recently had a new water play park addition which currently has flooding issues. Our Mayor Ned Mannoun has kindly asked residents to inform him of when this flooding occurs so that they can fix it and I think that's great. We love a Mayor who takes action. However while large sums of money are being invested in places like this, shouldn't the safety of our local residents and children come first?

Some children from Middleton Grange attend school in West Hoxton and vice versa. These children are not entitled to a school bus pass, therefore they have to pay or walk via this intersection. This includes anyone who does not own a car and needs to go to Carnes Hill shopping centre, or those of you who would like to walk up to the dog park, rather than drive.

I've crossed the road here, and it's never pleasant, however in the morning peak there is no way I'd let my children cross here. 

We need this fixed. Waiting until 15th Avenue has it's upgrade is not good enough!

You can help me by signing and sharing this petition, so we can begin to make this happen. Thank you and have a nice day! :)



288 have signed. Let’s get to 500!