Restore Lifeworks

Restore Lifeworks

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As seen in the film, Lifeworks was an extremely important for many people with disabilities (particularly youth with disabilities). They help people with disabilities develop confidence by being in an environment that allows them to be more than their disability. There's a sense of community at these camps that allows everyone to be able to relate to one another's experiences in ways that other people can't. It's a social opportunity for the participants and a chance to go out into the community somewhat independently. Perhaps what I consider to be most important with regards to the summer camp programs for people with disabilities is the fact that they help to teach life skills and foster independence to help the participants learn how to live healthy and independent lives moving forward in life. Some people with disabilities unfortunately grow up in environments that are very protective over them and such, so as a result, some people with disabilities are defined by their disabilities by the people that love them most out of fear and the need to protect. As a result, some people aren't given the same opportunity growing up to explore what they're capable of or to find ways of adapting things in their life. Programs like Lifeworks however, don't define people by their disabilities and as a result, that creates an opportunity for the participants who may have been defined by their disability to grow in ways they may not have been able to previously.

In conjunction with the film, Alena and I have decided to launch this petition with the film to give people a way that they can take action, upon seeing the film. Through this petition, people can sign to support restoring the camp and investing funding and resources into other services like it, and if enough people sign, we could take it to the mayor, for example, or people that can fund programs like this and people that can create real change.

The idea with this petition, is to show that there is a support system in place that would gladly see these programs continue.

On behalf of Alena and myself, we thank you for your support of the film and this cause as a whole,