Stop the February 2015 Wildlife Hunt and Convention in Tucson

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Killing contests have nothing in common with fair chase or ethical hunting. Technology, baiting, and "calling" place wildlife at an even greater and unfair disadvantage. Killing predators, or any wild animal, as part of a 'contest' or 'derby' is ethically indefensible and ecologically reckless.

The importance of coyotes and other predators in maintaining order, stability, and productivity in ecosystems has been well documented in peer-reviewed scientific literature. Coyotes provide myriad ecosystem services that benefit humans including their control of smaller predators, rodents, and jackrabbits, which compete with domestic livestock for available forage. 

Wildlife killing contests perpetuate a culture of violence and send the message to children that life has little value and that an entire species of animals is disposable.

All taxpayers deserve the right to use our public lands and properties without being put in harm's way. An event hosted by an organization called Predator Masters is being held in your area Feb. 5th, 6th and 7th. Marketed as a "hunt and convention" this event is the cause of a temporary closure of your International Wildlife Museum for "private use".

The "hunt" during this convention has no function other than to slaughter the targeted wildlife listed on their website

Predator Masters cleverly disguises these hunts as opportunities for "camaraderie", when in fact they are killing wildlife for fun.

Children as young as 10 are encouraged to participate in these killing sprees. A huge issue here is public safety. These hunts are allowed on public lands which are used by hikers, bikers, photographers and other non-hunters. There should be a requirement for these hunts to be made public so outdoor enthusiasts are aware of what they may be up against should they venture out to areas teaming with armed people looking to shoot wildlife.

In the past, Predator Masters (a Utah-based organization) has held their conventions in New Mexico. Last year the Las Cruces City Council voted unanimously in favor of a strongly worded resolution opposing this type of activity which consists of killing wildlife indiscriminately. It was declared that these hunts do not serve any legitimate wildlife management purpose, and it was recommended that Predator Masters seek another location in the future. So now they are going to Tucson.

Any wildlife biologist will tell you that disrupting pack dynamics of coyotes and other predators can result in compensatory reproduction, which essentially means there's a breeding free-for-all among younger pack members when one or both alpha members are killed. If anyone is complaining about an over-population of coyotes, they can blame humans who kill for fun and entertainment. It's one thing if you have a known offender which has been taking cats, dogs, livestock, but it's not sound management to wipe out large numbers of predators who are crucial to maintaining balance in our ecosystem.

One can only hope your law-enforcement will be out in full force that weekend to warn people using your public lands to be hyper-vigilant for their own safety and that of any pets they may have with them.

We did not have this technology to voice opposition to the slaughter of the American bison, but today your voice and participation with this petition can help save our wildlife from this three-day massacre and ultimately the same fate.

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