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Get kennel-cards system for pet identification, send euth-list to Rescues 24 hours prior to euth, permit volunteers to help the shelter-pets and BAN THE CRUEL HEART-STICK USAGE HERE

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Each Year, The City Of Amarillo TX euthanizes over 13,000 Pets.  This is a high-intake high-kill animal shelter. There are huge problems in the shelter-management ( the Shelter director and Asst Director were dismissed as a video of shelter-staff using the heart-stick on a conscious dog was leaked to the local media - so a interim shelter-director is in place as a new full-time shelter -director is being hired) and pets are being killed by "mistake" who are to be adopted or rescued. The picture above is that of a sweet girl who had rescue but was killed at Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare even as the Rescuer arrived to take her, on 18 Nov 2014. The shelter said she was killed by "mistake".
There must be a double/ triple check of every pet who is to be killed.
The present ID system is a joke. There are no kennel -cards for the shelter-pets. When you go to the shelter there is very little reliable way for the public, kennel techs, HS staff or the rescue groups to identify each individual pet. The yellow collars placed on the pet at present is the only way to identify the pet .. this collar can and do get damaged, chewed off, information is often not readable due to overlapping when collar is placed on the pet.
The shelter must not only use these collars for ID, but must go back to placing “run cards” for each intake pet. The cards should be done in a triple copy, 1 for the run, one for Humane Society  and one for Amarillo Animal Management &Welfare .
This way the pubic or rescue group looking at the pets will be able to look on the run card and get all the pet’s information and know where, when and circumstances of the pet. In adopting or pulling a pet it would be real easy to snap a photo of card and go to either HS or AAM&W to reclaim, adopt or pull the pet.
An EU list should be emailed to all the rescue groups in the area, giving them a “last chance pull” allowing them until closing of that day to pull any pet on the EU list.
Any potential adopter who is at the shelter will be able to know from the run card stamped “ for EU” that the pet in the kennel will be killed unless adopted or pulled. That can also give a good chance for the pet to be adopted by the potential adopter.
If the kennels are not full, there is no need to kill healthy adoptable pets.
This embattled city agency has been facing a continuous wave of controversy since the improper euthanasia controversy and the dismissal of management.
One former employee Niki Niimi, a former Animal Management officer. says that the necessary cultural and personnel changes have not taken place to ensure employees are protecting animals. “The city can continue decorating the place to its budget content, but the décor is not harmful to the animals, it’s the employees,“ she said.
It’s a culture of convenience killing—if animals are not sick or injured, it’s convenience killing for the budget for the city of Amarillo,” she added.
Niki Niimi exposed the alleged cruelty at the animal shelter when she released the infamous video that documented the improper euthanasia. She has now resigned and left town, and she believes animals in Amarillo are still suffering cruelty. Her allegations are echoed by Brittainy Hall, another former officer. They both pin the blame squarely on the city and its leadership, saying they’ve prioritized protecting employees, covering up wrongdoing, and saving money over meaningful change.
“The community needs to step up and ask for changes and demand changes because if they don’t have community pressure, they’ll continue to funnel money into the downtown project rather than the shelter,” said Niimi
“It’s easier to murder an animal than it is feed him for five days,” said Hall. “Cheaper to do that then to give him vet care and they’ll do whatever they can to save the city a dime, those taxpayer dollars.”
It’s alleged that a dog with a broken back did not receive medical attention for over four days earlier this month while he was at the Amarillo animal shelter. “They would rather a dog be dead than to feed them and to have to care for them and worry about their well-being or deal with their owners" said Hall." they find it easier to do"
Until Amarillo gets a free thinking director that works outside of the box and is creative in coming up with programs to save the pets at AAM&W and allows volunteers to step in and help get these pets adopted, shelter-killing will remain the city’s main solution to the pet population problem. This is sad but it’s the truth. This cannot be permitted anymore.
We must now demand that the city step up and fix the broken system the city uses now to identify pets, the local rescue groups should be allowed an EU list 24 hours in advance to network and do last minute "pulls",  volunteers must be permitted to help the shelter-pets and the CRUEL HEART-STICK METHOD OF KILLING SHELTER-PETS SHOULD BE BANNED.
Below are the contact information for our elected officials and city management if you would like to contact them concerning these issues…

Mayor Paul Harpole 806-378-3010
Elen R Green 806-371-5131
Brian Eades 806-355-6330
Lilia Escajeda 806-373-9962
Jarrett Atkinson 806-378-8394
Bob Cowell 806-378-8394

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