Free Kato and Kleo!

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Kato and Kleo have spent most of their lives held in separate cages, 23 hours a day, on a kill order issued by the town of Hamden, CT since October, 2012.  Nearly 6 YEARS now.  They were only puppies when someone opened the gate to their backyard and released them.  A little girl saw them and cried out, not because they were harming her, but because she was scared. Cynthia Reed, the 47-year-old grandmother of the little girl, went after Kato and Kleo with a piece of wood, screaming obscenities and beating on them. One of them MAY have bitten her, (no one knows for sure, as there was never an investigation as to whether she was bitten, and by which dog). Over 30 people then joined in, and attacked Kato and Kleo with bats, metal pipes, rocks, whatever they could get their hands on. Since Connecticut is a no-fault state, Ms. Reed was paid $65,000 by the insurance company without even being examined.  Ms. Reed then disappeared and did not show up for the initial court hearing.  Sadly, Kato and Kleo's owner, Kim Miller, has gone through several incompetent attorneys, and suffered through every level of the Judicial system, desperate to have her dogs returned to her.  In the beginning, Kim had offers from several sanctuaries, willing to take Kato and Kleo, but the town of Hamden's attorney declined these offers, without consulting the town's Mayor.  Unfortunately, Kim's last effort was dismissed back in August 2017.  There is no more money to fight legally since the town of Hamden has effectively bankrupted Kim in her efforts to save them. According to the CT Department of Agriculture, Animal Control Division, the decision to free Kato and Kleo is now up to the town of Hamden, since they initially placed the kill order.  Callers to the town of Hamden are being told the opposite.  This game of pointing fingers must end now.  For nearly 6 YEARS, elected officials have been incapable of resolving this injustice.  Most dogs would have had kennel rage within a few weeks of being incarcerated, but in the nearly 6 years of their confinement, Kato and Kleo are still sweet and well behaved.

FYI:  The facility where they are being held, is considered a “temporary shelter” and they are not equipped to provide long term care. Kim provides the beds for Kato and Kleo so that they don’t have to sleep on the floor. She also provides their food, cleans their cages, brings in fans during the summer months (during CT’s heatwave, the temps in the shelter can exceed 94F) and pays for all their vet bills. Kato has cancer and is not receiving proper medical care, while confined.

Mayor Leng has told Kim, (on several occasions), that he does not want these dogs killed and that if it were up to him, he would free them with restrictions, home arrest, etc.  Even the Animal Control Officer who gave the kill order, apologized to Kim, knowing he made a mistake.  With the life expectancy of these dogs being 8-10 years, they have already spent most of their lives in cages.  We are asking that Mayor Leng do what he has the power and authority to do and end this nightmare!  #FreeKatoAndKleo