A thank you message to the City of Mississauga for supporting religious communities!

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Dear Mayor Bonnie Crombie and The City of Missisauga,

We would like to show our gratitude and support during these difficult times regarding the decision made to support the Islamic call to prayer. We appreciate the decision made by the City of Mississauga to pass the bylaw that would allow the Muslim call to prayer to be made once daily during the holy month of Ramadan. We cannot thank you enough. We feel that this decision not only benefits Muslims but it also shows that the government cares about the religious communities of Mississauga, tackles the issue of Islamophobia and shows that the government firmly stands for the rights of religious freedom. This decision can help foster a peaceful society and create better understanding between different communities this is why we support this decision. 

Firstly, We want you to know that we fully support your decision to allow the Muslim call to prayer once a day and do not feel that it is disruptive to our communities. This is because it is only made once in the evening and lasts only for a few minutes. We feel that the decision to support only this one religious community only is fully justified as well as this community is faced with bigger challenge compared to other religious communities. It is the holy month of Ramadan where Muslims fast, socialize and visit the mosques for prayers and events much more than usual. Since this all shut down due to the current crisis, the decision made by the city will boost the morale of our Muslim brothers and sisters and this also shows that the government cares not only about the Muslim community but also other religious communities that may be impacted similarly in the future.

Secondly, there is a lot of misunderstanding in our societies about what Islam is and who Muslims are. This decision not only tackles this issue but also helps people learn more about the Muslim call to prayer and what it means.  People who are willing educate themselves on the meaning of the words in the Muslim call to prayer will learn what Islam really teaches and this can help us learn more about who Muslims truly are. Such decisions can, eventually, eradicate Islamophobia and it makes Muslims and foreigners, alike, feel welcome into the Canadian society which can boost the social and economic well being of our city and our country. We believe such bold and timely decisions need to be made by our governments in order to establish a peaceful and productive society therefore we fully support this decision.

Lastly, we do not believe that this decision is a violation of human rights and religious freedom. In fact, we believe that this decision is clear statement of the government's stand on religious freedom. This decision clearly shows that the government is open to different religions, unlike the the other governments in the world today which persecute Muslims and other religious minorities. Corporations and organizations create many events where loud music and mics are used. This is not regarded as disruptive and for this reason, out of many, we do not believe the decision to allow a simple two minute call to prayer during the evening for a few weeks must be revoked.

The decision by the City of Mississauga to allow the Muslim call to prayer is fully supported by us and these are the decisions that we, the citizens, need in order to support each other, create better understanding between each other and foster peaceful and more productive societies. Thank you for making this decision!