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Mayor DeBlasio: Please End the War on NYC's Canada Geese!

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Canada geese are beautiful, intelligent birds who mate for life, fiercely protect their eggs and young, and display loyalty for other members of their flock. Yet they are ruthlessly targeted in New York City. Since the landing of US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River in January of 2009, thousands of Canada geese and goslings have been slaughtered in New York City.

The USDA Canada goose slaughters are conducted without community notification, transparancy, or accountability. Science, morality, and the public preference of most New Yorkers is on the side of the geese. Canada geese are part of New York, and part of our communities, and are killed in our parks.

The USDA contract with the City of New York is a waste of taxpayer money. Killing Canada geese does nothing to improve airline safety. NYC is situated on the Atlantic Flyway, a major migration route for millions of birds. The USDA has taken geese from the same parks year after year, demonstrating that killing geese is not only inhumane, but also ineffective, proving that removing animals from a desirable habitat creates a vacuum which will be filled by other animals.

Just two days before Flight 1549 crash landed, that exact airplane reported serious engine problems two days prior, which Captain Sullenberger was unaware of. In fact, most airline crashes stem from pilot error, weather conditions or technical malfunctions. Pilot error is cited as the number-one cause of fatalities, often caused by underpaid, overworked pilots making faulty decisions, and accounts for 50% of fatal accidents. Mechanical failure accounts for 38%. Meanwhile, the FAA lists the total wildlife strikes at an accident rate of 0.68%. Airplanes are built to withstand collisions with birds, and if they are in good working condition they do just that.

Killing geese does not make planes stronger or more durable, but instead of addressing the obvious and badly needed systemic improvements, geese were scapegoated, and condemned to cruel deaths. 

Many other cities have successfully implemented non-lethal programs such as these to minimize conflicts between humans and geese. Please go to the following websites to learn about non-lethal methods of managing geese: .

THE KILLING MUST STOP! Please sign and share this petition, and ask Mayor DeBlasio to end the contract with the USDA. Please help us protect NYC’s Canada Geese.  

CONTACT: Mayor Bill DeBlasio-City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)
FAX (212) 312-0700

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