Protect our trees against the Gypsy Moth. Demand action from the Municipality of Lambton

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The residents of the Municipality of Lambton Shores are petitioning the Municipality to engage the services of a competent contractor this year who will perform aerial spraying of BTK in the Spring of 2021 to eradicate the Gypsy moth caterpillars that are currently impacting the health of the trees in the area.  Research states that high levels of Gypsy moth caterpillars can cause trees to experience severe loss of leaves, which could cause the trees to enter a state of decline and make them more susceptible to further harm from other insects, diseases and weather fluctuations.  This is the second year that the Port Franks and nearby areas are experiencing high levels of Gypsy moth caterpillars.  The devastation of tree coverage in the area due to the Gypsy moth caterpillars will have an adverse impact on the environmental, economic and social character of the area.  The time to act is now.