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Petitioning Mayor and Council City of Hagerstown City of Hagerstown, MD and Washington County and 15 others

Mayor and Council of Hagerstown, MD and Washington County Commissioners: Honor request for operational funds for Doleman Black Heritage Museum, Inc

You need not be a resident of Hagerstown-Washington County, Maryland to sign this petition.

Hagerstown is located in Washington County, Maryland. Washington County is also the home of the historic Antietam Battlefield and less than an hour from the battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This region is known for its rich historic landscape and offerings and is often referred to as the Historic Highlands.

The Doleman Black Heritage Museum, Inc. is located in Hagerstown, MD.  The museums goal for this petition is to show local, national, and international support and appeal for the preservation of African-American history in one of the most historic regions of American and to relocate the museum into the City Center of Hagerstown.

Please lend your signature and support to this most worthy and worthwhile project.

For more information about the museum, please visit our website at

In December 2012 and January 2013, the Doleman Black Heritage Museum, Inc. submitted a request for operational funding to forge a public private partnership between the City of Hagerstown (Mayor and Council), Washington County (County Commissioners), Maryland and the Doleman Black Heritage Museum in the amount of $128,000 annually for a three year period. This partnership would divide the annual request into thirds roughly, $43,000 annually from each party.

Awarding this request for partnership for operational funds allows the museum to establish and operate a publicly accessible gallery in City Center of Hagerstown. With consistent hours of operations, DBHM will then qualify for further grant funding from State and Federal agencies after its second year of operations.

The Doleman Black Heritage Museum is and has been a vital part of the preservation of African-American history in Washington County and Hagerstown, MD since 1974. Up until the organization was establishment in 2008, the founders of the museum never made financial request to the local governments.

By signing this petition you lend your support to the DBHM:

I fully support the efforts of the Doleman Black Heritage Museum and believe that it is time that we, as a community, invest in the future success of the Doleman Black Heritage Museum by honoring its request for operational funding.

I am the Doleman Black Heritage Museum, Inc.

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