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Remove Animals From Bowmanville Zoo

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As many of you are aware, a recent video appeared on social media from the organization PETA, showing cruel acts against an innocent tiger who resides within the walls of the Bowmanville Zoo.

   With the spark of outrage and the outpouring of attention, further investigation showed that this establishment has faced consistent reports against them, which in turn raising much concern from individuals of the public and organizations for the welfare and well-being of these innocent lives.

    The accused Mr. Michael Hackenberger showed cruel actions and behaviors within the investigation video, which raised many red flags in the eyes of individuals and animal organizations as well, and that such subjection of cruel behavior, in which he considers “training sessions”, should indeed be grounds to have these animals removed from this establishment and should also be reason to terminate his permit to obtain and have innocent lives within his care.

    We at RAISE UR PAW, are petitioning the Mayor to do what is necessary for the protection of these lives and see to it that such permits in which Mr. Hackenberger holds be terminated, and that the removal of these animals is imperative until further investigation shows otherwise.

    It is time to show that such treatment is not tolerated, and that behaviors of cruelty and abuse need to have consequences. Please Sign the Petition and keep up with the demand until these innocent lives are free from the cruelty being endured.  RAISE UR PAW TODAY!

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